Customer Service Associate

Powder City is seeking a Customer Service Associate to join its customer service team. A full-time position is available to those with existing dietary supplement or nootropics knowledge. A part-time position is still available to those without supplement knowledge.

Those without dietary supplement experience will still learn about our products over time. If applying without supplement knowledge, you may be eligible for full-time hours once you're able to answer most questions regarding top selling supplements without prior research.

What's a typical work day like?

Since orders start processing as early as 7:30AM Monday-Friday and we have to perform credit card fraud checks, this position starts a 7AM.

A majority of customer questions revolve around order and shipping status, but some questions are dietary supplement related. These product specific questions can more easily be answered by someone with existing product knowledge. Otherwise, product information is learned with experience.

Most customer service questions are answered via our online ticket system, but some customers prefer phone support. Social networking sites are also checked daily, including facebook, reddit, and twitter.

Other tasks may involve assisting with troubleshooting shipping or customer satisfaction issues. Some shipping issues include calling USPS to check the status on shipments or to file a claim for lost packages. Customer satisfaction troubleshooting might include labeling or dosing issues. You may need to double check a volumetric conversion by remeasuring a supplement scoop volume and then communicating any needed changes to design.


  • Answering customer questions via phone and online tickets
  • Assisting in product development or revisions
  • Data entry
  • Processing returns
  • Credit card fraud checks
  • Assisting with shipping or customer satisfaction troubleshooting


  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • At least basic spreadsheet knowledge
  • Knowledge of dietary supplements or nootropics preferred

To Apply

Please send your resume, along with answers to the questions below to with 'Customer Service Associate' in the subject line:

  1. What's the most advanced task you've performed in a spreadsheet?
  2. Do you have phone support experience?



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