Caffeine With Theanine: The Underrated Energy Combo

Caffeine With Theanine: The Underrated Energy Combo

I wasn’t expecting to get much out of it, but taking theanine (also known as l-theanine) with caffeine has turned out to be one of my most surprisingly successful supplement experiences, and of course it’s since become a regular part of my stack.

You already know what caffeine does (I sincerely hope so). So what does theanine do? It’s a mild relaxant and is a component in all types of tea. Okay, that’s cool, but what happens when you mix them together?

Caffeine + Theanine Benefits

caffeineWhat you get, according to researchers, is a synergistic effect, meaning that caffeine and theanine together is a potent combination considerably more than the sum of its parts.  Ahhh… now we’re talking serious relaxation, but with all the wakefulness and alertness imparted by your old friend caffeine.

This, along with taking the edge off of caffeine’s negative side effects, which fans of energy drinks, coffee and caffeine supplements know all too well: jitters, twitchiness and anxiety. Some people tolerate caffeine better than others, but I’m not one of those people, so this alone makes the caffeine/theanine combination worthwhile personally.

Caffeine + Theanine Uses

So else what do I use it for? It’s a great way to start the day, since obviously I’d be taking caffeine in one form or another immediately after waking up regardless of whatever else I do. I skip my caffeine? Instant zombie.

Also, some days are more stressful than others, and I’m especially glad of caffeine/theanine at those times when everything seems to go wrong all at once, like, with perfect timing. You know what I mean. I also like it for a post-workday or post-workout simultaneous pick-me-up and chill-out.

Honestly, these days I never take caffeine in any form without combining it with theanine. Some people take theanine without the caffeine right before bed for help getting to sleep, so feel free to give this a go for insomnia issues.

Personally, I found when I tried this that I then had to wake up for a bathroom trip in the middle of the night, so your mileage may vary on this particular use of theanine. It’s cool that it doesn’t hurt to try this stuff out: it’s been studied for a long time and found to be safe.

But, caffeine/theanine may do a whole lot more than this. Who knows what it may do for you? It’s being actively researched for potential benefits besides what I’ve already described: augmented learning ability, boosted immune system health, and: some report mild euphoria. I can attest to the mild euphoria myself: caffeine/theanine has turned my mood around for the better many a time. I owe a lot to it.

Caffeine + Theanine Dosage

This stuff is best in a 2:1 theanine:caffeine ratio. As for the dosage: experiment! Find out what’s best for you. You’ll know you’re taking too much caffeine when you’re feeling the anxiety, twitchiness and jitters even while you’re taking the theanine that’s reducing those feelings. The caffeine/theanine combo is water-soluble, so there’s no need to take it with a meal — just a beverage will do nicely. In fact, I like it best on an empty stomach.

So why is caffeine/theanine so underrated? Probably because this combo has been known for more than half a century, so sadly it’s in danger of becoming forgotten outside of the circles it’s already used in. Do you tell your friends about the glories of washing machines and refrigerators? No? Same here. So if you didn’t grow up with them, use them yourself or universally see them around (and they’re big, honking things), would you even know about them? Maybe not. Such is the case with caffeine/theanine.

You, however, are now a member of that elite group “in the know” about this stuff. Caffeine and theanine are both pretty cheap, so they also don’t get advertised as much as they could be. This helps explain the underrating as well as spelling out another advantage: it’s not expensive. Try this killer combo yourself, and spread the word.