Buying Nootropics in Bulk vs. Blends

Buying Nootropics in Bulk vs. Blends

A dip in brain function can make a genius look like a dunce. Memory problems, cloudy headedness, moodiness and generally poor cognitive function are all results of the brain not performing as it should. Nootropic supplements offer a solution to this by fueling the brain with nutrients to perform at the top of its game. 

If you’re new to nootropics, one problem that may arise is the sheer amount of options you face when deciding where to start first. Every nootropic supplement is a little different and affects the brain in a unique way, so you don’t want to compromise, right?

The solution for many people is to go to a nootropic blend. These are like the multivitamins of nootropics that promise to have all the ingredients you could need to feel limitless in a few easy doses. Seems like a no-brainer, right? Well, maybe. There are some distinct advantages of nootropic blends, but there’s a counter argument for each that looks at why they may not always be the best choice.

Pros of Nootropic Blends

In a nutshell, blends are about convenience. Products like Alpha Brain give you top-notch brain function with 2-3 caps while Neurochill gives you relaxation in a bottle. The impact of convenience can’t be understated.

Look at almost anything in the modern world and you’ll see a product or process that has been molded to make our lives easier. After all, who wants to take something to help your brain when it makes life more complicated?

Benefits of nootropic blends include:

  • No stack decisions. This is especially true for newcomers to nootropics where eliminating confusing decisions can be huge. When a blend is promoted and supported by a company you trust, there’s an instant feeling that you can take the product, get the effects, and not worry about exactly what’s in it.
  • Easy to take. Any supplement user can tell you what it’s like getting into a regimen of swallowing dozens of pills or scoops of powders each day. People look at you funny, it’s time consuming, and frankly, it can be annoying.
  • Easy to manage.  In addition to taking fewer capsules and powders, you can more easily manage it throughout the day. Some blends even have AM and PM packs, making it simple to manage your nootropics throughout the day.
  • Easy to purchase. Blends offer the advantage of making one purchase and then just buying more of that one bottle when you’re done.  You won’t suddenly be out of part of your stack because it’s already put together.
  • Initially cheaper. Again, another benefit to new users of nootropic supplements, buying one bottle of a nootropic blend can initially be cheaper than buying all the individual ingredients in bulk.

Cons of Nootropic Blends

The contrast to convenience is that you always pay a price for it. You can’t get a fresh, healthy meal through a cheap drive through. Want to fly first class and get some added leg room? It’s going to cost you. Nootropic blends are the same way. There’s a convenience factor, but it does come with some drawbacks.

  • More expensive over the long term. Nootropics are easily purchased in bulk online, making the per-dose cost much less expensive than that of a 90 count pill bottle.
  • No ingredient choices. When it comes to what’s in the blends, you’re at the mercy of the manufacturer. And oftentimes, you’ll find what they call “proprietary” or “balanced” blends. Which means you know the ingredient in there, you just don’t know how much. The synergies between different nootropics can be very specific and dose-dependent; you want to make sure you’re making the most out of your stack and your money.
  • Useless ingredients. Let’s face it, some supplements are ineffective despite the promises on bottles.  When you buy a blend, you could also be buying the useless ingredients that act as nothing more than cheap filler for the manufacturer. Why pay for something that’s not going to work?


Given that constantly buying blends isn’t the most cost-effective or efficient long-term option, there are two ways to approach the blend/no blend conundrum.  Your first option is to buy the blends, find one you like and then recreate it in your own stack. You then have the option of tweaking the ingredients or dosage.

The second option is to start with one or two basic nootropics like l-theanine and caffeine or piracetam and choline and create your own blend from the ground up based on what works for you.

This option gives you a more scientific approach to exactly which nootropics affect you most, which could save you even more in the long run. Either way, buying nootropics in bulk is the ideal method for long-term use. You can get a capping machine, gel caps, and even some storage bags to regain the convenience lost. Who knows, you may even create your own “proprietary blend” to share with the world!