Bulk Powders vs Commercialized Products

Many of you may see products such as Alpha Brain or DS Craze, and, upon ingestion, be amazed by the effects you feel. A comparison I like to use for products like these is like ordering food at a restaurant.

It’s delicious, it’s filling, it works, but it’s also fairly expensive for what you could easily make at home.

Suppose you love taking DS Craze. It’s stuffed with stimulants, has a daily serving of creatine, and it’s overall very successful for working out at the gym.

Benefits of Buying Bulk Powders

As convenient as it is, similar results can be obtained for significantly cheaper, with the ability to change dosages and tailor your pre-workout mix to your liking.

For example, say you love your current pre-workout mix but you wish it had an ingredient that deterred lactic acid buildup and allowed for a more endurance-focused workout. Easy, just add Beta-Alanine.

Or what if you liked your current mix, but it’s too stimulatory and you personally are very sensitive to stimulants. Or what if you wanted to cut your daily caffeine content? Or didn’t like the flavor? These are all things that make creating Do-It-Yourself mixes advantageous.

The same thing goes for nootropics as well. A lot of people are non-responders to many available nootropics, or don’t like the dosages.

For example: Adrafinil is a very powerful nootropic that functions as a stimulant. Some people find that it is better to start at a lower dose and build up a tolerance. When one buys the bulk powders of the nootropics, they have the freedom to control the dosages, the source of the nootropic, and can create a nootropic cocktail favorable to their liking.

However, there are many advantages to commercialized products as well. Another example of a good pre-workout supplement is Muscle Maxx Pro. Muscle Maxx Pro is chock full of proven supplements to bring you increased pumps in the gym. Being able to purchase a product and take it right away without the burden of trying to make your own mixes  


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