6 Supplements to Boost Testosterone: A Guide Part 1

Boost Testosterone with these 6 Supplements

So What’s the Point of Testosterone Boosters?

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Why might someone consider taking supplements to enhance or increase their levels of testosterone? After all, this is a natural substance produced within the body. In fact, testosterone is the primary male sex hormone which is responsible for things like a deep voice, amount of body hair, and even muscle growth. This is also why men have more of all these things than women, despite the fact that women do also produce small amounts of testosterone naturally.

The problem is that after reaching the age of about 25, the body will begin to produce less of this hormone. Reduced levels make it more difficult to retain and even build muscle. Many men also find themselves suffering from lower libido, reduced energy, and even decreased motivation. Using testosterone enhancing supplements can help to restore a more natural level and help to fight off these effects. Additionally, many athletes also consider these supplements to have a strong effect on their overall performance.

Natural Supplements to Increase Testosterone


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DHEA is a hormone and a noted testosterone precursor. This simply means that within the body it actually is converted into testosterone during the normal metabolic processes of synthesis and break down.

This supplement is primarily used to help increase strength, build muscle, increase energy, and enhance libido. Found in wild yams and soy products it is actually the most common natural steroid found in human plasma.

DHEA is primarily used by weight training athletes as a means of increasing performance. This is seen as a way to naturally raise testosterone levels, but it is also helpful in accomplishing faster and easier weight reduction and even reducing insulin resistance.

There are also general health benefits for this supplement. Since the level of DHEA production declines with age high levels are often an excellent sign and predictor of longevity in men. As an important neuro steroid it has also been shown to decrease brain cell death and even promote overall cerebral health.

#5 L-Arginine

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L-Arginine is another amino acid which is known to have a number of regenerative effects on a number of systems throughout the body. It is an effective testosterone booster and also helps to improve the male libido. Many users also find that it is helpful in reducing blood pressure in some cases.

Since is also known to help in the production of protein many body builders and weight lifters should see an improved ability to build muscle mass while using this supplement. It has also been noted that Arginine may even help to promote growth in areas of the body which may ordinarily be quite difficult to achieve through traditional training.

L-Arginine AAKG

L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate is another type of the L-Arginine supplement that further increases nitric oxide levels. This is a great addition to a pre workout powder. Some users prefer this type as the effects seem to be almost immediate. This supplement can also eliminate excess ammonia from the body that is built up with intense exercise.

#4 Mucuna Pruriens Extract

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This is a supplement taken from a tropical legume that is also called velvet bean, cowitch, or cowhage. This plant, or more accurately the seeds of this plant, has been used for male sexual dysfunction for many years by native populations.

The main benefit, of course, is the ability to raise levels of circulating testosterone within the body. Sperm count and semen quality have also been shown to been significantly enhanced with this supplement, especially in infertile men.

Mucuna Pruriens is also a powerful anti-oxidant with a number of additional properties and helpful benefits, including its use as a  blood purifier. It has also been shown to help increase the production of human growth hormone. This is significant both for sexual function as well as increasing muscle mass.

#3 D Aspartic Acid

What is D-Aspartic Acid? DAA is actually an important amino acid which helps to build proteins throughout the human body. It is also found in a number of food sources like meat, avocados, and certain types of green sprouting vegetables. It is also a very important nutrient due to the fact that it helps with the biosynthesis of sex hormones.

One of the most interesting benefits to be gained from this supplement is the continued testosterone increase, even after supplementation is discontinued. Unlike many other testosterone boosters, there does appear to be a fairly significant residual effect. Apparently, this nutrient actually builds up and is collected within the testes for continued use even after its initial supply has been stopped.

#2 Tribulus Terrestris

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Tribulus. is another interesting plant based testosterone enhancing supplement. This is also used by a number of men from weight lifting athletes to those simply interested in fighting the effects of aging on their decreased libido and natural testosterone levels. There is even some evidence that this may provide some anti-oxidant benefits.

Of course, the most prominent effects and benefits of this supplement are to help improve sexual desire, function, and the ability to easily build muscle mass. These are also the natural benefits of an increased level of testosterone production.

There are also a number of other benefits which have come to be associated with this plant extract. These include promoting urinary tract health as well as kidney health. It may also help those with high blood pressure. While more research needs to be conducted, this is certainly something that can help many people. 

#1 Longjack 200:1

Longjack is a powerful extract from the tongkat ali plant which grows naturally in Indonesia, Malaysia, and throughout Southeast Asia. Traditionally, this substance has been used for its reported antibacterial, cytotoxic, aphrodisiac, and antimalarial effects and benefits. This supplement has become increasingly popular in the west in recent years, especially among weight training athletes for its testosterone boosting effects.

One of the major effects and benefits of this supplement is to protect male genitals from the harmful effects of free estrogen, which is capable of causing cell death to these vital organs. It is also reported to improve testicular function and increase sperm generation. It is also known toincrease libido and improve overall testosterone functioning.

How Do These Testosterone Boosters Work?

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