Best Nootropic Stack
10 Aug

Best Nootropic Stacks

best nootropic stacks
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A perfect photographic memory, endless focus, and charismatic social abilities—we want it all. Finding the right combination of supplements is an art that requires an understanding of the human body and how supplements affect it. A good stack consists of several supplements that work well on an individual basis. An amazing stack has ingredients that, when taken together, make one another work better. With some research and personal experience, we created the best stacks for memory, studying, and socialization.

Best Nootropic Stack for Memory

Having the ability to recall facts, concepts, and visuals improves overall cognitive capacity by expanding mental infrastructure. If one were to organize every bit of information they know into a lattice framework, it would be clear that more information equates to more connections. Enhanced memory expands this lattice structure to create depth and breadth as well as further overall cognitive capacity.

Optimal Memory Storage

Vinpocetine can improve memory by modulating neurotransmitters and improving cerebral blood flow. [1, 2] Not all of its mechanisms are understood; however, research indicates that vinpocetine supplementation can increase noradrenaline. [3] Increased noradrenaline levels are the most likely mechanism through which the cognitive enhancing characteristics of vinpocetine manifest. [3] Supplementation can also mitigate the synaptic damage that follows excitotoxicity. [4] By inhibiting the IKK kinase complex, vinpocetine can even reduce neural inflammation. [4]

Protect Your Mind

Best known for its memory-related benefits, piracetam also shines as a neuroprotective agent. Piracetam supplementation can increase short-term memory by positively modulating AMPA receptors. [5, 6] Its neuroprotective benefits stem from this mechanism, as ampakines can increase BDNF expression. [7] Neuroplasticity is positively associated with BDNF levels. [8] Modulating AMPA receptors gives piracetam direct memory-boosting properties, while BDNF augmentation gives it potential long-term benefits as well.

With vinpocetine and piracetam both possessing unique, yet synergistic, memory benefits, this stack is hard to beat. Vinpocetine can increase cognition by improving cerebral blood flow and elevating noradrenaline. [1, 2, 3] Meanwhile, piracetam can further the adrenergic properties of vinpocetine by increasing adrenaline secretion via modulating AMPA and NMDA receptor activity. This synergistic mechanism is multiplied when factoring in piracetam’s augmentation of BDNF expression. [7]

Best Nootropic Stack for Studying

When distractions are stretching your attention span, it’s hard to read an entire chapter, let alone remember all of the information. You can enhance your studying abilities by stacking Focus3d, aniracetam, and oxiracetam to boost focus, logic, and memory.


Focus3d brings wandering thoughts back on track. It contains two types of caffeine, dicaffeine malate and caffeine citrate. Dicaffeine malate tends to be easier on the stomach than traditional caffeine. Caffeine citrate boasts a peak absorption rate of 30 minutes, while other forms of caffeine can take 60-90 minutes to absorb. [9, 10] Both forms of caffeine help shake off brain fog and fatigue by inhibiting the binding of adenosine. [11] Adenosine promotes drowsiness by decreasing brain activity. [12]

Caffeine supplementation improves cognition by inducing an upsurge in plasma levels of dopamine, adrenaline, and norepinephrine. [13, 14] Caffeine supplementation increases levels of dopamine and acetylcholine in the prefrontal cortex. [15] This upsurge in catecholamines is the mechanism that facilitates the concentration related benefits of caffeine. [16]

Although similar to caffeine in structure, Theacrine brings unique benefits to the Focus3d blend. Theacrine can raise brain activity to a significant degree. [17] Much like caffeine, Theacrine can modulate the dopaminergic system while inhibiting adenosine absorption. [17] Unlike caffeine, however, tolerance does not build after chronic consumption. [17]

L-Theanine is the counter-weight to the stimulants in Focus3d. This particular amino acid can induce calming effects to compound the focus benefits of the stimulants. [18] By itself, L-Theanine supplementation can enhance memory and attention span. [19] Caffeine alone can improve overall alertness and information recall accuracy. Adding L-Theanine to caffeine improves scores on information recall speed and decreases susceptibility to distractions. [18]

Holistic Thinking

Creativity generates a plethora of ideas and solutions while logic brings those ideas into reality. Holistic thinking is the combination of creativity and logic; it is the ability to put pieces of information together in order to understand a concept. Optimal holistic thinking improves information comprehension by accelerating the conceptualization process. Connecting facts and concepts to familiar information increases comprehension by making the concept feel tangible.

Aniracetam is a wonderful nootropic that can speed up information comprehension. The prefrontal cortex is the brain region responsible for holistic thinking, conscious thought, creativity, and executive functions. [20] Aniracetam supplementation can increase these cognitive functions by elevating extracellular levels of dopamine and serotonin in the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus. [21] By modulating AMPA and acetylcholine receptors, aniracetam can improve memory formation and recall as well. [21] A sharp memory improves holistic thinking in an indirect yet vital manner. This is because it allows you to make more mental connections by providing more pieces to the metaphorical puzzle.


In regards to memory, oxiracetam is the king of the racetam family. Research suggests that the stimulatory nature of oxiracetam allows greater improvements in memory. [22] It is a non-traditional stimulant in that it generally does not cause peripheral effects, and it does not modulate catecholamines. Instead, oxiracetam can increase acetylcholine and glutamate release from active neuronal cells. [23]

Oxiracetam supplementation can improve NMDA receptor formation and sensitivity. [24] These two memory improving mechanisms create a two-fold benefit:  an increase in the amount of the neurotransmitter that stimulates memory formation coupled with more receptors for that neurotransmitter to bind to. In one study, oxiracetam supplementation elevated levels of protein kinase C (PKC) activity in the hippocampus. [25] PKC is a byproduct of learning/memory, thus elevated PKC levels suggest improvements in memory. [26]


Due to aniracetam and oxiracetam being cholinergic in nature, we recommend adding a choline supplement to the stack. Both racetams utilize acetylcholine, which is synthesized from choline. Insufficient choline intake may result in headaches and/or brain fog. Alpha-GPC and CDP-Choline are the most common choline supplements. Finding an optimal dose is very individual, as dietary choline intake differs from person to person.

Best Nootropic Stack for Socialization

Being in a positive, happy state of mind makes it easier to talk to others. 5-HTP is the go-to supplement for boosting the happy hormone, serotonin. 5-hydroxytryptophan can only convert to serotonin within the body. [27] 5-HTP also passes through the blood-brain barrier. [28] The efficacy of 5-HTP makes it a powerful serotonin precursor and the supplement of choice prior to a social event.

The moment in which you meet someone and immediately forget their name is all too common. A crisp memory prevents the awkward guessing game and makes it easier to recall the details about a person afterward. Bacopa monnieri is an herbal extract with memory boosting and adaptogenic properties. [29, 30] Bacopa monnieri supplementation causes significant improvements in working memory, which means it can help prevent the name-forgetting-phenomena. [29] It can also improve learning speed, memory capacity, and attention span. [31, 32] Although the mechanisms behind its cognitive benefits are not fully understood, its antioxidant properties are likely a major contributor. [33]


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