5 Ways Testosterone Supplements Benefit Your Body: A Guide Part 2

5 Ways Testosterone Supplements Benefit Your Body: A Guide Part 2

Now that you’ve read the guide to 6 supplements to boost testosterone (if you haven’t you should), check out how they work within your body.

Mechanisms Of Action

1. The primary function and mechanism of action for all of these supplements is boosting testosterone levels within the body. It should also be noted that when using such supplements it is critical to look for those which achieve this effect in a natural manner. One of the problems with anabolic steroids, for example, is that once supplementation is stopped it can severely impair the body’s ability to naturally produce testosterone. This can lead to a downward spiral that may result in a number of nasty side effects.

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Muscle Building: Actual Movement May Be Required

2. Muscle building is also greatly enhanced with these types of supplements. In fact, this is oftentimes the major reason why someone begins using a testosterone enhancer. This effect is related to a number of ways in which these supplements actually work. Many testosterone enhancers are amino acids which play a vital role in the building of proteins. These proteins are also very important in a number of anabolic muscle building processes. As someone engages in heavy weight training, they actually tear down muscles. Then, the recovery process builds them back up again to a level (hopefully) larger than before. Added proteins help this recovery process to be not only more effective in terms of added muscle fibers and cells, but also in terms of speed.

3. Improved libido and enhanced sexual functioning are additional benefits of testosterone boosters. No man ever wants to admit that this happens to them, but libido and function does decline with age. This is a proven fact. What these supplements actually do is to trick the mind and body into thinking we are younger. The natural rise in testosterone levels may also lead to an overall improved mood and feeling of general well-being.

4. Some of these testosterone enhancers may also be able to improve overall brain health and function. Some of these supplements have interesting effects on a number of neurotransmitters, which are powerful brain chemicals that can affect everything from mood and movement to cognition and pain response. These include Dopamine, Serotonin, and even DHEA directly (although not technically a neurotransmitter, DHEA is still a powerful neuro steroid). Many of these chemicals have also been shown to protect neurons from damage and even decrease the death rate of brain cells. This combines to help promote overall cerebral health.

There are many people who suffer from unbalanced levels of these chemicals. This means that taking testosterone enhancers could also have the effect of normalizing a number of other chemical levels within the brain. This, in turn, will lead to improved mood, better sleep, and a whole host of other additional benefits.

5. Longevity may be another benefit of increasing your natural testosterone levels through these supplements. This is not often talked about but the reduction of levels of testosterone and DHEA in the brain as we age are thought by researchers to play an important role in how we age. The lower the levels of these chemicals, the less chance we have for living longer. It is almost like a downward spiral. The solution to this problem, of course, is simply to use these natural supplements and boost our testosterone and other neurotransmitter levels.

Testosterone enhancing supplements can provide significant benefits for a wide range of men. Whether you are an athlete or just an average guy concerned about the effects of aging, these are definitely supplements that should be on your radar. By understanding exactly what each of these offer it is possible to pick and choose which might be best for your specific situation. The main thing is to only use those which work in an all-natural fashion. Do not be afraid to do your own study by starting with one and then trying another, all the while paying careful attention to what effects they actually have.