5 Reasons Being Out of Shape Blows

5 Reasons Being Out of Shape Blows

judgemental turtleI recently read an article that reminded me why going to the gym can seem like the worst idea ever and it’s really just easier to be lazy and spend the afternoon judging people on the internet (you can take tips from that turtle over there). Here are some of the salient points that hit home for me:

5. Circling the parking lot at the gym for a closer spot.

Does this not defeat the purpose of the gym? Why do we waste time circling, fighting for a “better” spot? Is it to save time (that we just wasted driving around and around)? Is it to save effort (lolz, why are you at the gym in the first place)? Is it raining? If you are the Wicked Witch of the West, I totally understand you on this point, otherwise you are about to get soaked in your own sweat; I think we can all withstand a little bit of rain.

4. Working out to eat.

expectation vs. reality
If I do all the crunches, can I have all the noms?

I know, it’s a bad idea but I’m pretty sure almost everybody does it. I’m not going to the gym to get fit or look good naked, I’m going to the gym to be able to eat that piece of cheesecake later, dammit. The problem with this is gorging on crap after a workout may seem like a genius idea, but expectation and reality don’t often match up.

Sure, you ran 3 miles but odds are you only burned around 300 calories or so (it all depends on a lot of factors like your pace, your current fitness level, etc), but one slice of regular ol’ cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory packs a whopping 710 calories. Keep up this behavior, and you’ll wind up heavier than when you didn’t workout at all.

3. Touch my toes? Ha Ha, nope. 

flexible cat can tuch toes
I think this cat is mocking me

Ok, so that is an exaggeration; I can touch my toes. But I do notice when I spend my days morphing into a marshmallow miss a week at the gym for whatever reasons I come up with, my fitness take a toll. I can still walk up stairs, but I don’t bound up them like I used to. I like the perks of being in shape; getting in shape is not quite so fun. 

2. The Fat Jeans

Everyone has that pair of roomy jeans they wear to BBQs, all-you-can-eat contests, or any event that is going to result in mass consumption of food. There are few worse feelings than your jeans trying to chop you in half in the middle of consuming delicious fatty-fat foods, so why not throw on the fat jeans?

The problem is when the fat jeans become the every day jeans and suddenly there is a closet full of clothes that don’t fit anymore. It is quite the dilema: be a muffin top on purpose or only ever wear that one pair of jeans for the rest of your life (because like hell am I giving in and buying a new wardrobe in a bigger size).

1. Children

When playing with the kids or doing any kind of movement (bending over to tie your shoes?) leaves us out of breath and wishing for a place to lie down, we are most certainly in trouble. If you’ve been around a child ever, you know the insane amounts of energy they posess.

We joke that we can’t keep up, but if five minutes with a kid leaves you sapped of energy, face-down on the floor it might be time to get back to your fitness routine. There is nothing like a five year old zooming past you on the stairs while you wheeze along to remind you there was a time you could breathe and move your legs at the same time. 

Getting In Shape

No doubt that getting in shape takes work and a solid effort. Then again, after the body sends a few of those special out-of-shape ‘signals’ we certainly known it is time to start getting back into a regular workout routine.

So just lie down, button your jeans, and then get over to the gym. But before you go out, make sure to find an excellent pre-workout supplement. Anyone this out of shape is going to need all the help they can get…and this should be good to increase energy in order to power through the workout.

Pre Workout Supplementation

Using something like BSN NO Xplode before working out is an excellent idea. Especially for those just starting out, it is essential to give your body the nutritional support they need. A training igniter such as NO Xplode supplies nitric oxide as the main ingredient. This will help to increase the amount of blood flowing to your working muscles. This gives you more energy and will help the muscles to move longer before getting tired.

The nitric oxide also works on another front. As a vasodilator it actually helps to open up blood vessels and pathways, allowing the blood to flow more freely. This is also an excellent method to deliver important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals directly to your working muscles.

In addition to increased energy, your muscles will also become stronger. Supplying proven ingredients such as Beta Alanine, Arginine, Creatine, and a number of additional amino acids, you will notice more endurance and even see improved recovery times. Muscles will have a better ‘pump’ and feel full. Some users also say that this helps them to have an enhanced sense of clarity and focus. Best of all, NO Xplode may even help to burn stubborn belly fat…soon you will be able to button those jeans without having to lie down!

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