#1 Reason Why Pinteresters Fail at Fitness

#1 Reason Why Pinteresters Fail at Fitness

preworkout nutritionIf you’re really serious about your fitness, you should be serious about your pre-workout nutrition too.

Perhaps I am one of the few who has had success with Pinterest projects, but so far no DIY has blown up in my face. Embracing my success in that venue, I moved into other regions of Pinterest, such as health and fitness. I realized my main problem when it came to working out boiled down to not having a circuit ready to go. I would waste a lot of time perusing fitness websites, old workout plans, and the like just to run out of motivation and wind up doing some half-assed 20 minute run. So I turned to Pinterest.

Many people have fitness boards; I was overjoyed by the sheer quantity. Perhaps it is the growing obesity epidemic that drove these individuals to pin so much or maybe they wanted to help others get in shape.

Or maybe they just wanted to waste my time with crap like this:

Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that image. Motivation, rah rah rah. However, that’s just it: it’s only a motivational image. If I wanted that, I would click on the board called “Fitspiration” or “My motivation” or “I’m pretending I want to be fit, but really I’m just going to repin pictures of people in better shape than me”. I want real workouts, not pictures of sculpted abs, glutes, and biceps. If you pull this maneuver, for the love, please stop it. Or accurately label your board so I won’t waste my time perusing “I Workout” when it should really be called “I Don’t Workout, These People Do”.

I did eventually find what I was looking for, but I am on a personal mission to provide actual workouts for people. Case in point, here is one of the latest workouts I put together:

crossfit WOD

I personally hate having to follow a picture to a new page for a workout, so I put it all right there in the image for you. Many of these are meant to be paired together; beginners can try out one at a time until they feel comfortable doing more.

Need Extra Motivation? Try Pre Workout Supplements

If you’re really serious about your fitness, you should be serious about your pre-workout nutrition too. Consider taking supplements to support your muscles before you put them through the paces. This pre-workout stack is chock full of great supplements that will provide the energy your muscles need to work their hardest for maximum lean muscle gains.

You can find more workout ideas on our board Workout. Get Fit. I personally guarantee you will only see workouts on this board, many of them requiring little to no equipment, so you have zero excuses. Stop looking at pictures of people who have the body you want; get off the couch and earn it. 

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