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What Is Cordyceps Sinensis Mushroom?

Cordyceps is a mushroom with a history of therapeutic use in China, used especially for enhancing libido. [1] There are several different species of Cordyceps mushroom, such as Sinensis, Militaris, and Kyushuensis. [2] The most commonly used species of Cordyceps is Sinensis, which contains the main bioactive compound in the mushroom — Cordycepin, also known as 3’-deoxyadenosine. [3]

Cordyceps Benefits

Relaxation & Energy

Cordyceps have been shown to promote relaxation and supplement healthy energy levels. [4] A human study found that elderly people who took a Cordyceps supplement had a boost in energy levels. [7]

Immunity Support

Cordyceps supplementation can also help to benefit the immune system. Studies show that when supplementing with Cordyceps natural killer cell (NK cell) activity is supplemented. [5,6] Natural killer cells are an integral part of the immune system that are able to bind to infected cells and kill them. Another study shows that Cordyceps also has antioxidative properties and can benefit the fight against free radicals that cause cell damage. [7]

Cordyceps Mushroom Powder Dosage

The recommended dosage is 1000mg daily.

Species: Paecilomyces Hepiali
Cultivation: Liquid fermentation



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