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Resveratrol Powder: What is it?

Resveratrol is a dietary supplement that occurs naturally in various foods and plants, most notably red and white wine, peanuts, raspberries, plums, acai, and the herb Japanese Knotweed. The highest concentrations of the substance are in the skins of wine grapes and in boiled peanuts. [1,3]

Resveratrol Benefits

Resveratrol has been highly publicized for its potential benefits in studies at Harvard and elsewhere. There have been positive physiological impacts noted when Resveratrol was introduced as a dietary supplement, particularly supporting cardiovascular health, cognition, and healthy metabolism.* [4,5]

While many beneficial effects have been noted by scientists worldwide regarding Resveratrol in everyday foods, there has been evidence to show that higher concentrations of it, such as is available as a dietary supplement, may provide more positive results than, for instance, drinking a glass of wine per day. [2,3,4,5]

Resveratrol Powder Dosage

Most individuals take 250mg (1 lightly filled 1/8th tsp scoop) of Resveratrol per day. Supplementing Resveratrol with Melatonin provides a synergistic effect in cardiovascular health.* [6] It may be more effective when used in concurrence with fatty acids. [7]

Curated Reviews

“I've been using resveratrol for several years as part of my supplement stack. I view resveratrol as a long term, low cost, and minimal risk strategy to mitigate telomere shortening. Powder City's product is one of the best on the market for quality and price. The supplement is independently tested for purity; a very important attribute in today's supplement market. Powder City also does a wonderful job of quickly shipping and tracking your order. I'm sold, and would recommend them to all.” - Joseph A

“Powder city offers the best price for this high quality product. I'm not 100% sure if this effect is because of the resveratrol, since I take other supplements too, but my skin has improved. It has less impurities since I started taking resveratrol. Also I feel it slightly increases my endurance when doing cardio and I have more energy in general. I recommend this product too everyone who considers taking resveratrol, since it is effective and Powder City definitely has the best price.” - Valerie D


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