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What is DHEA?

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is produced by adrenal glands. While the body can naturally make DHEA, levels peak at 25 years of age and then begin to steadily decline. [1] By the age of 70, DHEA concentrations are only 10-20% of what young adults possess. [1] Because of this, individuals use DHEA supplements for their healthy aging benefits.*

Why DHEA Capsules?

Taking supplement powders can become cumbersome over time. Weighing out dosages daily is tedious and can lead to sloppy measuring practices. Inaccurate doses can hinder benefits or cause unwanted side effects. DHEA capsules take the guesswork out of supplementation.

Benefits of DHEA

Healthy Aging

DHEA’s healthy aging benefits are not limited to hormonal health. DHEA also supplements the health of skin and the skeletal system.*

Nootropic Benefits

There is preliminary evidence supporting DHEA as a nootropic in healthy inidividuals. [3] In addition, DHEA can improve mood.* [2]

Additional DHEA Benefits

DHEA promotes gastrointestinal health.* [1] It can help improve body composition as well by promoting lean muscle mass.* [1]

DHEA Dosage

Individuals should take 1 DHEA capsule per day. Each capsule contains 25mg of DHEA.

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