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Vitamin C Supplements (Ascorbic Acid)

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Ascorbic Acid

We've all heard about the reasons you need to eat your fruits and vegetables and take your daily multivitamin. As common as the knowledge is, there are still people who don't take the necessary steps to avoid deficiency.

While vitamins are essential, some have more positive effects on your health than others do. One extremely important vitamin, that's Vitamin C, can be inexpensively supplemented to help keep you feeling great.

What is Vitamin C Powder?

Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) is a water soluble, essential vitamin.[1] Humans don't have the enzyme gulonolactone oxidase, and so we can't produce Vitamin C in our bodies despite how important it is.[1]

Because it is water soluble, Vitamin C leaves the body quickly.[4] This means that if you aren't taking in a constant amount of foods high in Vitamin C, you might think about supplementing to get all of the benefits of a high nutrient lifestyle.

Vitamin C supplements are very inexpensive and are important in many bodily functions, and you may not always get the nutrients you need through diet alone. To ensure you have optimal nutritive levels to power you through your day, try out Vitamin C powder as part of your regular supplement regimen.

Vitamin C Powder Benefits

Some experts think Vitamin C levels in the blood is a key metric to determine the overall health of an individual.[4]

Vitamin C can help stress compromised immune systems.[4] By supplementing Vitamin C, you can safeguard against some the nutrient depleting stressors that can lead to getting sick.

Ascorbic acid can also make your skin look healthier, and your body uses Vitamin C to repair all the tissue in the entire body.[4]

Antioxidants are important in combating the cell damaging effects of free radicals. Free radicals have been linked to ailments linked to cell destruction.[1]

Vitamin C Powder Dosage

Since you continuously lose Vitamin C throughout the day, some people recommend 250 mg to protect yourself from potential deficiency; doses over 400 mg have no evident value bioavailability declines beyond this level.[2] According to the United States' National Academy of Sciences, the tolerable upper intake level is 2000 mg a day.[3]

Try spacing your Vitamin C powder dosages over many hours to counteract the continual loss of Vitamin C.


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