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TUDCA (Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid)

A major part of staying healthy is maintaining the optimal functioning of organs. While you might not think about them much during the day, they struggle 24/7 to provide you a healthy existence. By taking care of your organs now, through exercise, healthy diet, and well chosen supplements, you can improve your vitality for a long time to come.

While it may seem like a big challenge, certain dietary supplements can make promoting the health of your organs a breeze.

What is TUDCA?

TUDCA (Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid) is an endogenous, hydrophilic bile acid derivative often used in Europe for its health benefits.[1][2] It is the taurine conjugate of ursodeoxycholic acid.[3]

This supplement has shown to help aid protein folding, decrease insulin resistance, and decrease intrahepatic triglyceride content.[1]

TUDCA was originally administered in traditional Chinese culture, where it has been used for centuries, and now recent scientific research has discovered a multitude of potential uses for TUDCA.[2]

Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid was also shown to have some beneficial metabolic effects, but it is most often taken for its role in helping liver tissue and in maintaining vision.[1]

What does it do?

TUDCA has significant protective properties for many organs throughout the human body.[1] It protects skeletal muscles and other organs, particularly the liver, by increasing insulin sensitivity to appropriate levels.[1] TUDCA has shown to do this by protecting endoplasm reticulum from stress.[1]

Insulin resistance plays a large part in health issues related to excess fat.[1]

TUDCA is used for many liver healing and immune-improving purposes, and also is used to support a healthy gallbladder.[1][3]

This dietary supplement may have some powerful neuroprotective properties, and is indicated in the protection of cells from destruction.[3] To protect cells, TUDCA modulates certain cell cycle effector genes.[3] While these signaling pathways have been identified, the full role of TUDCA in cell maintenance is not yet fully understood.[3]

By protecting cells from destruction, TUDCA has proven to be effective in helping eye's maintain cones and rods.[3] This photoreceptor protection can go a long way in promoting healthy vision. TUDCA is also linked to increased antioxidant activity.[3]

TUDCA Dosage

200 to 300 mg twice a day is a normal dose for TUDCA. TUDCA can be taken as part of a larger regimen of supplements to provide a full spectrum of health.



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