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Shilajit Powder

Most dietary supplements are compounds found naturally in plants or, less commonly, animals. This is where most people look for supplements that can help bring more health and happiness into their life, but not all supplements come from plants and animals.

One interesting supplement, called Shilajit, happens to come from the rock of the Himalayas.[1] This Ayurvedic compound's health protecting and brain optimizing properties make it a great supplement to add to your regimen.

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit (a Sanskrit word meaning Conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness) is a blackish-brown powder made up of mostly humic materials.[1][2] It comes out of rocks in the summer months, typically in the Himalayan mountains between India and Nepal.[1][2]

This mineral rich supplement has also been found in Russia, Tibet, and, most recently, Argentina.[1]

Since Shilajit is composed of a rich bouquet of phytochemicals, including high levels of fulvic acid, scientists believe that it is a byproduct of plant decomposition over the ages.[1] Evidence points to vegetation and microorganisms making up much of the decomposed material.[1] It also includes the minerals copper, silver, iron, and zinc.[2]

Shilajit Side Effects and Benefits

Ayurvedic medicine uses the numerous beneficial Shilajit side effects for a multitude of purposes including longevity, rejuvenation, and slowing of aging.[1] In some cultures children take it every morning with their milk.[1]

Scientific evidence is surfacing that Shilajit could be used as a strong cognitive enhancer and might have stimulatory effects on the human brain.[1] Fulvic acid, which composes 60 to 80% of nutraceutical compounds in Shilajit, has shown to help inhibit mental degradation.[1]

Some studies have shown it to be an effective antioxidant, memory enhancer, digestion supporter, immune-booster, and mood elevator.[1]

Shilajit has also been used with success as a powerful performance enhancer, making it a wonderfully unique and natural way to improve your workout.[2]

This supplement is not only high in mineral content, but there is evidence that other compounds in Shilajit help shuttle those minerals to cellular targets.[1]

At high altitudes, Shilajit has also shown to help maintain robust health and vigor.[1]

Shilajit Dosage

300-500 mg a day of Shilajit powder is a very common recommended dose.[2] Taking Shilajit with whole milk twice a day is not only a tradition, it has shown to help optimize blood levels and boost Shilajit's efficacy.[2]



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