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The History of Pregnenolone

Usage of pregnenolone dates back to the 1930s and human clinical studies began in the 1940s. The original testing was done on factory workers to test its efficacy as an anti-fatigue and immune boosting supplement. The participants in the studies noticed an improvement in job performance, increased motivation, better mood, and higher productivity.*

Pregnenolone Benefits


Many use pregnenolone to supplement their cognition and mental clarity.* [1] This is because animal studies show that pregnenolone may be effective in improving memory.* [1] Pregnenolone may also promote neurite growth.* Neurite is a term used to describe a developing neuron. [2]

In addition, it is also touted for its supplemental benefits for the skin and its ability to increase energy, improve mood, and minimize fatigue.*


One study shows low levels of pregnenolone may cause difficulties in social settings. Adding a pregnenolone supplement may promote mood in social situations. [3] Combining pregnenolone with L-theanine further enhances its mood-boosting benefits.* [4]

Using a pregnenolone supplement may promote calmness, reduce sleep latency, and benefits REM sleep.* [4]

Wait, There’s More

Pregnenolone can enhance longevity as well due to its cellular health properties.* [4] One study shows pregnenolone as an excellent supplement to take for preventative eye health.* [5]

Pregnenolone also promotes a healthy immune system by supporting homeostasis – the process of preventing pathogens from disrupting normal immune function.* [6]

Pregnenolone Dosage

Individuals should take 10mg of pregnenolone daily for best results.


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