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Ever since the development of Piracetam in the 1970's, the racetam family of compounds has been a compelling route for people trying to improve general cognition, memory, and learning capabilities.

In the world of nootropics, the racetams are the go-to nootropics for boosting brain power. While there is some variety of racetam forms, and not all racetams are as well understood as the parent compound, one of the more widely known and studied is Pramiracetam.

What is Pramiracetam?


Pramiracetam is fat-soluble and will therefore NOT mix well with water. It is best to take fat-soluble racetams after a meal or with a fat source such as fish oil. Your body will not absorb or benefit from a fat-soluble racetam on an empty stomach.

Pramiracetam (N-[2-(dipropan-2-ylamino)ethyl]-2- (2-oxopyrrolidin-1-yl)acetamide) is a GABA-like compound and close relative of Piracetam.[1] The chemical difference between Pramiracetam and Piracetam is that where Piracetam has an amide, Pramiracetam has a dipropan-2-ylaminoethyl group.[1]

Pramiracetam is remarkable for high oral-bioavailability and high potency.[1] For this reason, users take Pramiracetam in smaller doses than Piracetam.[1]

This more potent racetam is sometimes taken as an alternative to Piracetam for people who don't feel Piracetam gives them the sense of well-being that they are after or people who don't want to take as much powder as Piracetam can require.

Pramiracetam Side Effects and Benefits

As with other racetams, the direct mechanism of Pramiracetam is not fully known. It has been conjectured that racetams increase acetylcholine receptors, or are antioxidants, but more study is required. There is also speculation that racetams interact heavily with glutamate receptors, but, again, the action is unclear.[1]

Pramiracetam most likely works by increasing cholinergic neuronal impulse flow in specific regions of the brain based on certain in vitro observations.[1]

While the mechanisms are not clearly understood, the outcomes of the racetams have been looked into extensively.[1] Since Piracetam's first debut in the early 1970's, a lot of interest has been put into the many racetams.

Advantageous Pramiracetam side effects include improved memory and reduced delayed verbal recall.[1] There is also some evidence to suggest that Pramiracetam is superior to Piracetam in helping with memory retrieval and orientation.[1]

Pramiracetam has also shown to improve some test scores on cognitive ability up to three hours after being taken.[1] It remains a highly popular nootropic and an inexpensive way to optimize mental performance.

Pramiracetam Dosage

Users typically take Pramiracetam powder in doses around 250 mg a few times a day with meals. As with most racetams, many people take a choline source along with it. Some say taking choline along with the proper Pramiracetam dosage can improve the overall experience.


  1. Malykh, AG, and MR Sadaie. "Piracetam And Piracetam-Like Drugs: From Basic Science To Novel Clinical Applications To CNS Disorders." Drugs 70.3 (2010): 287-312. CINAHL with Full Text. Web. 3 Sept. 2012.

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Pramiracetam Reviews
5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
Andrew from Northern California on Aug 20, 2014
First off, you need to know what this product does, and does not do. It will make you focused without being jittery. It won't make you wired, or feeling like you jumped onto a rocket ship but it will allow you to be very, very focused. Take it with choline to avoid a headache and keep hydrated. Enjoy!


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