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New to Nootropics?

Many people want to improve their memory and concentration to help them step up out of the brain fog they experience day to day. What if a small dose of an inexpensive powder a couple of times a day could change all of that?

Noopept (n-phenylacetyl-l-prolylglycine ethyl ester) is, in many ways, the nootropic to end all nootropics. Users report increased cognitive capacities, increased memory, increased learning ability, and improved verbal acuity [1].


Research into Noopept's mechanism of action has revealed that it works very differently than other racetams (and many don't consider it a racetam at all). In animal studies, Noopept increased Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) in the hippocampus while the Noopept itself left the body fairly quickly [2, 3]. The animal studies did not detect any tolerance to Noopept, and there was some evidence that prolonged use of Noopept led to stronger effects [2, 3].

Additional N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester Benefits

N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester, the scientific name for Noopept, is a new addition to several mainstream preworkout blends.

Why would Noopept, a cognitive enhancer, be a smart choice to include in your preworkout mix? N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester enhances your focus, allowing you to power through a tough workout.

If your mind is wandering instead of fixating on the workout at hand, your results will suffer. The addition of Noopept to your preworkout gets you past your mental hurdles to achieve maximum results in the gym.


Known to be 1000 times more potent than the original racetam, Noopept's small dosage is another point of note. While many nootropics require a hefty amount of powder per dose, Noopept calls for a miniscule 10mg and is just as effective if not more so.

By demonstrating itself as a powerhouse brain enhancer, Noopept is a great addition to any morning or afternoon stack. [2]. Noopept stands as a leader in the field, and continues to gain fans as more people discover its rewards.

As with any cognitive enhancers, it is recommended that you consult a health care professional before taking Noopept.

Sublingual Dosing

Many individuals choose to take Noopept sublingually (under the tongue) as it may prove to be more effective.

Anecdotal evidence indicates the mucus membranes under the tongue allow Noopept to pass through and take effect much faster than your digestive tract.

To take Noopept sublingually, simply hold the dosage under your tongue for up to 10 minutes. Be aware that Noopept, like many nootropics, is bitter in taste. To mitigate this, you can try to mask the taste with flavoring aids.

Buy Noopept Powder With Confidence

Powder City strives to provide the highest quality nootropics to ensure you reap the best possible benefits. As such, we supply third party testing to prove the quality of our bulk powders. We provide this information so you can use your Noopept powder without concern of fillers or inferior ingredients. Many of our products provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) directly on the page; however, you can always contact us directly for the third party COA.

Synonyms:N-phenylacetyl-L-prolyglycine ethyl ester, GVS-111


Noopept doesn’t seem to have the effects it used to, what else do you recommend?

As with most nootropics, it is common to develop a tolerance. We always recommend cycling your nootropics to avoid this. If you are looking to explore more products, we highly recommend the nootropic sampler to see which is the best fit for you.

10mg doesn’t seem to be enough, can I take more?

We always recommend starting with a minimum dosage of 10mg to assess tolerance. Since Noopept is 1000x stronger than piracetam this is often enough for most users. There are instances where individuals take up to 30mg to experience maximum results. We do not recommend going above this dosage.

What does 1000x stronger than piracetam mean?

This number is determined on a dosage by dosage basis. The minimum effective dosage of Noopept is 1000x less than that of Piracetam.

Noopept seems to make me tired, any suggestion to counteract this?

Noopept can have different effects depending on the individual. If you are seeking an energy boost to go along with the benefits of Noopept, try pairing it with an energizing nootropic like oxiracetam. Be sure to pair this stack with a choline source to avoid headaches.

Curated Reviews

"Very transparent. I take this daily, 10 mg 3x, along with phenylpiracetam (twice per week). I had cut this out of my stack for a while, the effects are so transparent you don't know that you are on it unless you are off it. With other racetams, you know you are on it and it produces a definite feeling of focus and interest. To me, phenylpiracetam helps with things like reading fatigue and other "2D" problems, if you will. Noopept seems to help more with "3D fatigue," where, if you are doing something like statics problems in physics, or the like, where you have to move a lot of pictures around in your mind, this product really helps. And while it doesn't have the "focused feeling" of other racetams, it really does help you stay on track and keep interested on difficult problems. This is the effect that is noticeable when you go on and then off it again, and why I put it back into my stack. I have nothing to support that, other than the fact that I have taken both separately and together and that is just what I personally notice. I have read other reviews and would just like to restate that this is the one you want, period, especially if you want some sort of improvement without any apparent effects. Whatever your stack, you should start with this, keep this as a daily constant, and work everything else around it. Even if this is the only think you take, you will notice the difference in what you are no longer missing (in a sense). I also want to re-state that the effects are greater the more you take it, and while there are some noticeable effects right away, it does take at least a week to get the "full" effect."- Aaron

"Ordered 10 grams, fast shipping, Good tracking... This is the first nootropic I try, so the first time I have used this stuff (three days ago with no choline) I felt a little disappointed because I didn’t feel that much. I have even thought that was a placebo, but I was wrong. It's been 3 days and now I feel great benefits particularly today at school. My focus was far better, I didn’t feel tired anytime and understood much more of my course. It's also more easy to speak with other people even those who I have nothing to say. I know that the more you use it in long term, the more you feel the effect of the product so I am very excited of the next step. I wish I will experience the lucid dreams and increase of memory like other people say. I recommend this stuff for people like me who are beginners in nootropic drugs this one is very safe very cheap and can make your life easier particularly if you are student. So thank you Powder City you just won a new customer!"- Marc

"Powdercity never disappoints. Orders are cheap and they arrive quickly. Noopept is my typical nootropic of choice. The first few times I took it, I was skeptical. There wasn't any noticeable change in cognition. After a few days, however, I noticed that all my work was done, I was getting to sleep on time, and I could remember things that I would never be able to remember regularly. Study time got cut in half and I found myself not wanting to stop working. I could easily work through the night with noopept. Not only is it incredibly powerful, but the doses are so small that a 25g bag of noopept lasts quite a while which is great for a budget. Taking Choline with noopept is very important. You won't notice it at first. If you miss a day or two of choline while taking noopept it isn't the end of the world, but after a few days of dosing, the headaches will come on strong and there's not much getting rid of them. Other than that, Noopept is perfect for anyone who needs more focus and motivation."- Brian

"I had used a different supplier for Noopept but suspected it wasn't good quality, the reviews and feedback of the product are overwhelmingly positive, so I decided to find another supplier to compare. And 2 things immediately were clear - Powder City's product is much higher quality than what I'd purchased elsewhere, and after having a chance to try a quality product, I really like it! I love the feeling of a slightly hyper happy brain, with eager energy to dig into problems, listen to colleagues and help find solutions, etc. Together with Alpha GPC I feel really ready and capable to attack the day!"- Joseph

"I was skeptical at first! But within the first week of using it I noticed more alertness, concentration, and could focus on task longer. I was getting things done, and had more energy during the day. My dreams also started to happen more frequently and more vivid which is an awesome bonus. I highly recommend using this product. I currently use the powder form and take it under the tongue."- Desean N.

"I work as a supervisor/storeperson/pharmacy assistant in a rather large pharmacy chain, a slow day involves processing a minimum of 2 pallets of stock, looking after returns, exchanges and complaints, and then still having the thought processing power to speak to suppliers and reps. A decent sublingual dose of Noopept, and 5 minutes later my brain can maneuver any of the above tasks with relative ease. When speaking to reps I find myself now not only navigating the conversation to the result I am after, I am also building a great rapport with everyone. Simply put, verbal acuity in 5 minutes. This a supplement for anyone in any executive position, or aspiring to be."- Matthew T.

First off, the shipping and customer service of Powder City is top notch, so buy with confidence. As for the product. I've tried Noopept stacked and solo, and I can't tell a huge difference when adding it to a stack of other supplements, but I can tell its effects when used alone. It does take about 2 hours to be fully noticed in me, and when I do notice it, my mood si the first thing that perks up. I can tell that things don't bother me as much, I have a sense of increased motivation and drive. I haven't tried any deep memory tasks as I use this mostly for multitasking and increasing productivity/maximizing my workflow (I work in a kitchen). I can definitely tackle multiple tasks at once, and keep track of everything that I need to in my head. I've been taking 10mg twice daily but think I would benefit from a third dose. I haven't seen any side effects and have tried it with and without taking a choline source and have noticed very little difference. Overall, for the price and benefits so far, it's an absolute steal. Combine with Powder City's customer service it's a no brainer to give this a shot if you're on the fence."- Phil

"Before the review: Noopept is a fantastic supplement- when used correctly. I have never had a bad experience with it using between 15 and 50 mg 2-5 times weekly for two cycles of 40 days. A scale is extreme useful as a larger dosage generally does not improve performanc- there is a seriously perceived plateau. Noopept does NOT taste good, it tastes like gasoline and the scent of burnt rubber, this is consistent throughout all brands tested. Shipping was very fast (3-4 days), order was correct. Everything very high quality. Powder City's Noopept is extremely nice and very clean. It's soft, fluffy, slightly clumpy and almost "wet". Very similar in texture to dried saffrol extraction. Again, tastes like Noopept, which is intense- Capsules may be useful (although I use sublingually, and don't mind much as I enjoy highly sour, hot, acidic or bitter consumables.) Using a .001 (mg) scale is extremely important if you want to maximize your benefits, understanding your exact dosage is very useful. Scoops are fine if you've used it enough, or are familiar with chemicals, supplements or nootropics. Make sure to do your research, an hour on Google will help you decide if you're ready to experience life with a totally new type of clarity, calmness and energy. Dosage should be measured by body weight, in KG, and should not be used without reason- it is not just a focus aid, this is for repairing and amplifying yourself."- Chris

"*** I'm not a shill...I don't work for these vendors and I didn't get nor am I getting anything free or discounted...I'm just a normal customer and I try to gleam as much as I can from honest reviews, so I like "give back" and leave reviews when I can. *** I'm relatively new to the nootropics scene, only about the last 6 months to a year have I started looking into it and trying different products. Noopept is definitely one of the friendlier products to use - unlike some of the "'tams", I've not experienced any headaches or issues with fatigue or other undesireable side effects. To me the fact that such small amounts are used is a benefit, but I already had a good scale and method for dispensing. Your opinion may vary, and as always, the chemical itself and the way you stack it with others may be unique to you in order to get the most benefit. As always, though, if you're going to buy it, Powder City is an excellent vendor - I can't imagine a better bunch of folks to deal with and the prices are really low."- Bruce L.

Product is exactly as advertised and delivered quickly. I've now taken both this and piracetam and I'd say the results are pretty comparable. Of course this could always be placebo effect, but I've noticed that my memory has been sharper and I've been quicker on my feet. The only difference I've noticed between this and piracetam is that piracetam's effects are more immediately noticeable; with noopept I'll just randomly notice that I feel sharp whereas piracetam was quick and profound. Also relevant, the scooper for this product is hilariously small."- Chris H.

"The first week I started dosing at 12-15mg once in the morning with 80mg caffeine and 500mg choline bitartrate. The first week I felt slight improvements in reading fluidity, concentration and slight feeling of wellbeing. Week 3 I've upped the daily morning dose to about 30-35mg according to included red scoop. Noted improvement in thought production and creativity, enhanced concentration, feeling of overall easiness. Not as profound as my experiences with piracetam. My favorite and personally active racetam soo far. For the price you can't beat this stuff, especially when cycling off of other racetams. I can see this being the cheapest and most effective INTRODUCTORY racetam substance in the world, and a good mixer with other nootropics."- Gilbert R.

"Noopept has been extremely beneficial to me and my daily routine. It greatly increased my focus and mental clarity without making me feel jittery or overly-stimulated. It is short-acting and can be taken any time without really interfering with my sleep schedule. My only gripe is the duration of the effects though. I found myself redosing repeatedly throughout the day more than I would with something like adrafinil, but it did feel smoother. I think it is a staple nootropic if you're seeking long-term benefits but if you are looking for a longer lasting stimulant adrafinil is probably a better choice. The service I received from was top-notch and I will definitely be a loyal customer. Delivery was quick and products were clean and effective."- Tryppi

"Noopept works great on its own (though you have to take it a few days in a row to notice the improvement). It works even better when stacked with Alpha GPC (choline source) and NALT (works synergistically with this). Add coluracetam to the mix to improve/extend the use of acetylcholine in the brain, and you've got a winning combination! As always, start with smaller doses of each to see how your body responds to it, then work your way up to more effective amounts."- Joel P.

"Noopept is one of my favorite racetams. It requires a very small dose and even taking sublingual, doesn't have as bad of a taste as other racetams, except oxiracetam which has none. I personally take 20mg-30mg every day and found that it's effects are subtle but notice that it increases brain fluidity and makes speech much more fluid. It is great to use to help learn a language because of this. Its effects are cumulative and increase the longer you take it. Take with a choline source (preferably Alpha GPC) to increase its effects."- Gordon

"Noopept is one of my favorite nootropics, if not my most favorite. I have ordered noopept in the past with newstarnootropics though for some reason I didn't think their batch was very good. It left me feeling noticeably drowsy and gave me headaches. Powdercity's batch definitely seemed to be more effective and holds up to the positive reviews it received. I take 10-15 mg at a time sublingually multiple times per day depending on my workload. Noopept has neuroprotective properties and should be safe for long-term use."- Mark S.

"This review is for two subject matters. Number 1, powder city service is top notch. Not only did I receive my order within 3 days of purchase, but I also had a question on Noopept itself and its consistency. The question was answered within minutes. I am impressed. Number 2, noopept is definitely worth a try. While I did experience a mild headache that lingered for a bit on my first use, my second dosing did not do the same. I made capsules with the Cap-M-Quick i purchased a few weeks back. I wanted to make sure dosing was correct with the choline i paired it up with so I dosed 10mg into each capsule then filled the rest up with choline. I found it to be quite effective with 10mg Noopept and 400mg choline. So far it seems to be helping with my lack of focus and mental energy."- James Werner

"First try was mixed with my usual 1.6g of piracetam regimen. Within 20 minute of 15mg oral absorption I was pretty much wide awake and a fully functioning sale representative. I had few meeting with customer that day and I had a blast with them. While waiting for a meeting, I was looking at a tv on the waiting room and I swear I never had that much concentration of my whole life. I may even have looked awkward ever since I’m taking 10-20 mg once a day for the last 2 weeks. I didn't get the same effect as the first time but it's really doing it works, now part of my stack! I’ll take the weekend off unless I need my brain fully functioning for whatever reason."- Alexandre B.

"Took me about a week and 10 doses to adjust to Noopept but sure enough I began to feel the benefits as I found that I could study longer with less breaks, and really get into the material that I was learning. It provides a stable focus and it helps me concentrate on what I'm trying to learn! It is potent in it of itself which means that most, if not all, people will benefit from taking Alpha GPC to minimize any potential headaches. For me, Noopept is a 3 hour burst of increased clarity that helps up my knowledge intake faster than any other supplement! Thank you!"- PcCustomer25

"Noopept is known for stimulating the Glutamate receptors in your brain, in essence running a HIGH performance purge of any interfering free-radicals. Think of it like a super potent Goji Beri that can cross the blood / brain barrier. This stuff is awesome, I take around 10 - 15mg a day, and use probably around 3 x a week or so. Highly recommend stacking it with a high dose DHA Fish oil, or Phenyl-piracetam and Alpha GPC. For me I don't really notice a big increase off energy or anything like phenyl - piracetam does for me though, this however is probably because I find my brain possesses a very high natural amount of focus and energy. However, I like taking this supplement because it helps me make sure that performance stays even if im getting tired or worn out. Also is great knowing it possesses such high health effects for the brain."- Noelan W.


  1. The effects of the novel peptide analogue GVS-111 on neuronal voltage-gated calcium and potassium channels.
  2. Noopept stimulates the expression of NGF and BDNF in rat hippocampus.
  4. Pharmacokinetics of new nootropic acylprolyldipeptide and its penetration across the blood-brain barrier after oral administration.

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