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Longjack 200:1 Root Extract (Tongkat Ali)

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Quick Facts

  • Water extraction process
  • Source: Indonesia
  • Hormones are extremely important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If people don't have enough, it can cause them to experience fatigue and low sex drive. In men, testosterone plays a major hormonal role in feeling vital and virile, and Longjack, a simple plant compound, may help some men reach their testosterone goals.

    What is Tongkat Ali?

    Longjack is an extract from the tongkat ali plant (Eurycoma longifolia) which is grown in Indonesia, Malaysia, and other Southeast Asian countries. The plant has been used traditionally by local cultures, and has demonstrated a link to antibacterial, cytotoxic, aphrodisiacal, and antimalarial effects.[1]

    Tongkat Ali extract is growing in popularity as a health supplement, often being taken for its posited effects as a sexual aid and for an all around masculine boost. Most recently it has taken off in the world of bodybuilding where some people look for all the testosterone help they can get.

    Tongkat Ali Benefits

    While the direct mechanisms are not entirely understood, Longjack appears to protect male genitalia from the deleterious effects of free estrogen in the body, at least in animal studies.[1]Estrogen in the male body can initiate apoptosis (cell death) in male genitalia; this could lead to reductions in testosterone output, especially in men with higher than normal estrogen levels.[1]That being said, Longjack appears to improve male testicular function even without the presence of high estrogen levels.[1]

    In animal studies, Longjack improved functions related to high testosterone levels, like the creation of sperm.[1]In fact, Longjack was able to counteract the effects of estrogen injection in that same study, and was able to increase sperm generation in human males with fertility related to an unknown cause.[1][2]

    This plant extract also has proven an effective stimulator of sexual activity in animal studies, and continues to be used for that purpose by people today.[1]

    Due to Longjack's reported ability to increase testicular function, researchers have proposed that it might improve testosterone functioning in men.[1]This boost in testosterone could be key in completing a supplement regimen for men.

    Tongkat Ali Extract Dosage (200:1 Extract)

    Because Longjack is an extract, it is important to be judicious. Different people will respond to different doses. Most individuals take a 500mg dosage for the 200:1 concentration. This should be cycled by supplementing for one week followed by a few days off to be most effective. As Longjack can have strong effects, it is advisable to start low.


    2. "Eurycoma Longifolia Jack Improves Sperm Quality." Fertility Weekly. (2012): Academic Search Elite. Web. 30 Aug. 2012.

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    Longjack 200:1 Root Extract (Tongkat Ali) Reviews
    5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
    Tongkat ali works from USA on Aug 12, 2014
    Plain and simple, this stuff works. I am only 25 years old and have had a rough 3 year patch dealing with depression and other life struggles. I used to be very confident in myself and outgoing. Since, I wasn't feeling so well, I decided that maybe a natural test booster would help increase my mood and confidence. I starting taking this on work out days and notice an improvement in mood and confidence very quickly. You should only take on work out days if you have anxiety or sleep issues. Experts recommend this product to be used 2-3 days on and another 2-3 days off. I personally take it only 2 days a week, even though I work out 5-6 days a week. It can increase aggression if you are prone to have anger or rage. You cannot beat the price especially since it is 200:1 extract which means it took 200 grams of Tongkat Ali to make one gram of extract powder.


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