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Longjack 100:1 Root Extract (Tongkat Ali)

What Is Longjack 100:1?

Longjack comes from a tree or flowering plant known as the Eurycoma longifolia or tongkat ali. As a supplement, this is tongkat ali extract at a very potent 100-to-1 concentration. Native to areas of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Southeast Asia, this plant has also been used by these cultures for centuries as an immune system booster and for its aphrodisiac effects. The supplement is reported to help as not only a powerful sexual aid, but also a natural way of boosting testosterone [1].

Longjack 100:1 Benefits

The primary benefit on Longjack, or tongkat ali extract, is that it helps to raise your levels of free testosterone naturally. This is actually quite important, since the lions share of testosterone which circulates throughout the body is bound by a protein called the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). Once your testosterone has become bound in this fashion it is basically considered ineffective, at least in terms of promoting all the benefits you have come to expect from natural testosterone.

Although it is somewhat unclear exactly how, Longjack is able to act as an aphrodisiac. There have been a number of studies bearing this out, including rat models showing those who took the supplement had more frequent erections and showed more interest in the females in their cage. This has been shown to lead to a higher sex drive, increased libido, as well as produce longer, harder, and more spontaneous erections [2].

Researchers have also determined several non-sexual related effects of Longjack. This includes being able to show significant cytotoxicity against unhealthy human lung and breast cell lines [3].

Of course, with an increased level of testosterone, it also becomes easier to build muscle and achieve top fitness levels. This can lead to gains in lean muscle mass as well as strength in weight training individuals [4]. Additional benefits include increased bone mineral density, an improved sense of well-being, and reduced stress levels [2].

Longjack 100:1 Dosage

When you buy tongkat ali, it is important to keep in mind the concentration. Since this supplement is very potent (and concentrated), you might find yourself only needing a small dose. Most individuals take a dosage of 1:200 extract at 300mg, meaning a dose of 600mg is expected for a 100:1 concentration. It is always advisable to start with your lowest effective dose and the only increase after becoming familiar with all the effects.



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