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A wide variety of nations and cultures consume black tea and have for quite some time. They don't only use black tea for drinking though; there are a wide variety of black tea health benefits. It has even been ground into fine black tea powder for its versatility and ability to be stored, moved, and traded. Anyone interested in a great tasting method of receiving numerous health benefits should consider adding this black tea powder to their routine.

What is Black Tea Powder?

Essentially black tea powder is the ground up leaves from the tea plant. This plant, Camellia Sinensis, is actually used to produce all different types of teas. With black tea, the leaves are partially fermented and oxidized before being ground into a fine powder [3]. They may be further processed by the crush, tear, curl method (CTC). The oxidation and fermentation process occurs under controlled temperature and humidity. The level of oxidation is what determines the quality of the tea and powder [2].

As with other teas, black tea powder is rich in chemicals known as polyphenols. This is actually a type of powerful antioxidant which is very helpful in ridding the body of toxins [1].

Black Tea Health Benefits

Black tea powder is a known antioxidant and promotes longevity [5, 6]. As an antioxidant, some of the chemicals within this supplement work to support healthy cell structure [3].

There are also a number of substances called catechins found within black tea (powder). There is some evidence to suggest that they are primarily responsible for many additional black tea health benefits to fortify and promote a healthy body [4].

A 2006 German study suggests that adding milk to your black tea (adding hot water to the powder reconstitutes the mixture into black tea) may also promote vascular health. Additionally, the presence of Theaflavins may help to promote healthy cholesterol levels [1].

Black Tea Powder Dosage

While there is no recommended daily dose of black tea powder, it is considered safe. Start with taking the equivalent of between 2 and 4 cups of black tea per day. From here, adjust as needed for your own body chemistry.


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