Bacognize® Bacopa Supplement

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Bacognize® Bacopa Extract

Bacognize® is a potent standardized extract of the herb bacopa monnieri. Bacopa has been used for thousands of years to enhance brain function and memory.

Bacopa Benefits

Bacopa monnieri fits into the nootropic category because it improves verbal learning and memory as well as enhances overall cognitive performance.[1]

Bacognize® is also used as an anxiolytic. Those supplementing with bacopa experience a calming effect.[2] Bacognize® bacopa monnieri extract lifts your mood and provides a feeling of general well-being[2] Additionally, bacopa monnieri protects neurons from oxidative stress.[2]

Why Bacognize®?

Bacognize® bacopa is a potent extract of the plant, meaning it provides more of the active ingredient bacosides, which enhances the benefits of supplementing with bacopa monnieri.

Bacopa Supplement Dosage

Take two rounded 0.15cc scoops (300mg) daily.

Bacognize® is a registered trademark of Verdure Sciences Inc.



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